Keep it simple and stupid: Digital life

One finding not only from the “theDAO” project is that complexity increases the risk of insecurity. Many lines of any code, no matter whether it is C++,  Javascript or a formal contract framework, tend to have bugs even after professional testing and auditing.

In other words: Writing code without errors or potential flaws is very hard to do. The more lines of code the harder. This is obvious you might say, but I wonder if we really take this serious enough in a world where software is part of everybody’s life and will be even more in the future. We might as well rely on big players in the market, so they will deliver e.g. secure self-driving cars and smart homes in the future as most people do today with smart phones and social media platforms.

But with more and more internet connected things to come a different approach is worth considering: Run rather decentralized digital ecosystems instead of depending on large platforms only.

While big players have plenty of resources and cash to minimize security risks, small businesses and individuals require a stable and easy to use framework where errors hardly occur and if so damage should be limited. Code and coded contracts have to be easy to unterstand and simple to use. Is this possible?


In theory:

1. Protocols and frameworks have to be robust and simple at the same time
2. A user does not need to know or understand the technology that is used but should understand the use case and the risks regarding privat assets, i. e. data and money
3. Single purpose devices and services increase security and protection of personal interest

More concrete:

1. Blockchains are solid backbones and easy uses cases like Bitcoins are proof of concept.
2. Have and easy interface: A simple Wallet App and passphrase can be handled by anyone.
3. Ideally for each purpose there are small and easy to use services operating independently. Couple them loosely and only when needed. Run private and decentralized networks.

Here is a simple use case:

– Ethereum messaging service with simple web based user interface
– Use public Blockchain for registration including setup fee
– Work with private APIs and networks for service operations

Services to add / attach:

– Location based messaging
– User management including nicknames and groups for semantic and local context
– Premium service concept

The initial idea has been published as part of a “theDAO” proposal:

Implementation is work in progress, update will follow…

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