Mobile users first – Logical Application Architecture

1. User Interface (UI) has to be easy and straight forward, taking a mobile App for now.

  • The UI allows simple registration for services
  • Mobile App provides cryptocurrency and tokens for transactions

2. Cryptocurrencies and blockchains run in the background, it has to be mainstream and future proof at the same time.

  • With purchase and download of the mobile App the user is provisioned to use the backend services
  • User does not need to know about technical details

3. Transactions will be general purpose, starting with personal text messages. It can be anything in the future: e. g. appointments, contracts, receipts

  • First use case will be text messages
  • Text can be used to model anything
  • Words make contracts after all

4. Decentralisation promotes scalability and security, no central platform approach.

  • Only a minimum of central features will be used
  • Store personal data encrypted and / or on local device only

Consider the 4 headlines above you will get a secure Messaging App that allows anonymous and secure transactions at the same time. For any message or any transaction only the involved parties, e.g. sender and receiver or buyer and seller interact based on an encrypted protocol using local internet servers.

From a user’s point of view it is very similar to talking to someone and making a deal or purchase as part of the conversation. The main difference in the end is a simple smart contract using blockchain technology in order to  make a reliable transaction.

Of course, the App is also capable of interacting with internet connected devices. Once you send appropriate coins locks could open or prepaid services become available after you have identified with a matching digital signature.

To make it easy for starters: As part of the App download you get the first coins for transactions. A marketplace is part of the App to ensure some use cases for trying our services. Some critical mass is needed in your neighbourhood to have continuous value add:

  • Secure messaging with friends and people nearby
  • Easy cashless micropayment
  • Reliable transactions without central platforms being involved

That is worth recommending the App to a friend, is it not?